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Monday, September 21, 2015

New South Wales attorney general considers surrogacy law changes

New South Wales couples could soon be able to advertise for surrogates under law changes being considered by the state’s attorney general.

Gabrielle Upton is reviewing changes to current laws that would allow reform around advertising for “altruistic surrogacy arrangements”.

Commercial surrogacy is illegal under existing laws, and commissioning parents can’t advertise for a surrogate.

Other changes under consideration might also speed up application time for legal parentage orders. People are currently only able to apply for legal parentage 30 days after the child is born.

“I am determined to ensure our laws makes surrogacy easy, and most importantly put the interests of the child front and centre,” Upton said.

Earlier this year the head of the Family Court of Australia led a push to legalise commercial surrogacy.

The change would prevent unethical decisions by couples overseas following high-profile cases of abandonment in India and Thailand, chief justice Diana Bryant said in April.


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