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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WHAT lengths would you go to for your child?

Antonietta Di Maggio gave birth to her own grandchild so her daughter could have a baby

Antonietta Di Maggio gave birth at the age of 53, but she didn’t do it so she could have a child. Instead, she was giving a new life to her own daughter who had been born without a uterus.

Claudia Luca had exhausted all of her options to have a child and approached her mother to be her surrogate.

She expected Mrs Di Maggio would say no.

Karl Stefanovic will tell the story of the ultimate sacrifice on 60 Minutes at 8.30pm tonight on Nine.

“I’m blown away by the story,” he told

“This is one of the most beautiful stories that I’ve ever done. This mum is an amazing person and so strong and it’s an emotional story because Claudia has been through hell.”

After seeing his wife give birth to three children, Stefanovic said he knew how difficult it was to carry to term and the emotional upheavals that came along with it.

“And Antonietta is more than 50 years old,” he said.

“Medically it would have been more difficult and there would have been more risks.

“She risked her health for her own daughter.”

It had been 27 years since Mrs Di Maggio last gave birth when she became pregnant with her grandson.

Through the tears and raw emotion, Stefanovic said the family had its laughs.

“It’s funny because Claudia’s husband told everyone at work about how his mother-in-law was pregnant with his child,” he said.

Claudia has gone through her whole life wanting a baby and thought motherhood would only ever be a desire.

“There’s an overwhelming amount of love and thankfulness for her mum who went through this to give her this miracle baby,” Stefanovic said.

“It really is a miracle story because they needed everything to go right.”

Footage will be shown on tonight’s story of baby Luciano being born.

“There was a lot of pressure on the birth itself,” Stefanovic said.

“Imagine being in the birth suite and seeing your baby being born.

“It’s so heartwarming and will bring a tear to everyone’s eye.”

Stefanovic said he had enormous respect for Mrs Di Maggio and could not speak highly enough of her.

She was one parent who said she would do anything for her child.

The mother and daughter were flooded with emotion after the birth of the baby and Stefanovic said little Luciano was a part of both of them.

“But Antonietta doesn’t feel like the baby is her child,” he said.

“It’s hard to separate that so it’s interesting and an incredible power of will.

“That’s the thing with surrogacy — how does the person giving birth detach?”

Stefanovic said seeing the impact Mrs Di Maggio’s love had on her daughter was uplifting.

“Claudia thanks her mum and the emotion is the most raw I’ve ever seen in the way she articulates it,” he said.

“Her mum has sacrificed so much and seeing Claudia with her bub is really touching.

“She knows she has got a miracle in front of her and it’s the way she touches and looks at the baby that got me the most.”

Stefanovic said this was one story that every parent should watch as a life was brought into the world under extreme circumstances and conditions.

He said the story would also cover how medicine had improved in Australia.

“Your mother giving birth to your child — how does that work?” He said.

“About 20 or 30 years ago this would not have been possible but it’s possible now and it’s real now and Australian families are having these miracle babies all the time.”


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