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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Complete Ban on Surrogacy for Foreigners

This post is in reference to the attached letter that we have received from ICMR, the governing body for ART Clinics and Banks in India.

It clearly is restricting Indian single parents, and any foreign parent to undergo surrogacy. It has come as a surprise to us and in a very short notice. We are sorry, but we are unable to move ahead without the ICMR consent. We do understand that you have invested into the surrogacy program, surrogate mother, embryo formation or storage. From our experience with ICMR, what ICMR means is that we cannot do any more embryo transfer in to surrogate mothers.

There is a case pending in the Supreme Court and we will keep you updated on the case, if things change. But for now, we are unable to proceed ahead.

Please note, in all following situations: a) whether your visa is approved, b) you are in India, c) your embryos are with us, d) you have successfully registered with FRRO, e) your egg donor is ready for egg pick up, f) you are undergoing stimulation, we cannot do embryo transfer to the surrogate mother.

If you are already pregnant, you will be exempted. You will be able to come to India, and take the child back.
We are sorry that India is closing down, but this is as it is.


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