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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mums with donor egg implants have babies that inherit their characteristics

Fertility doctors have discovered that women who have donor egg implants have babies that inherit their characteristics.

Experts say the breakthrough discovery will boost the self-esteem of mothers who have been unable to have a baby using their own eggs.

For a long time fertility doctors and scientists had suspected the possibility - but this is the first time it has been proven.

Researchers based at a leading Spanish fertility clinic found that secretions from the mother’s womb penetrated pre-implanted embryos influencing their development.

The experts said that genetic information from the mother would be taken up in the development of the baby .

Certain conditions and habits like smoking and obesity can modify women’s cells, including those of the endometrium. This in turn causes changes to the fluid in the womb and its genetic information secretion.

Doctor Felipe Vilella said: “These findings show us that there is an exchange between the endometrium and the embryo, which is something that we already suspected as a result of the coincidence of certain physical characteristics between mothers and children born through ovodonation and also due to the incidence of diseases in children related to maternal pathologies during pregnancy, such as obesity and smoking.

"This communication may cause specific functions to be expressed or inhibited in the embryo, giving rise to modifications that show us how diseases such as diabetes and obesity are transmitted.

"Knowing that this transmission exists, in the future we will be able to detect how to interrupt it, putting an end to the trend of obese mothers, obese children.

"In countries where surrogacy is permitted we will be able to attribute more importance to the history of the pregnant woman ’s habits prior to pregnancy.”


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