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Monday, October 12, 2015

Oocyte Donation Soon Allowed To Women Without Children

Oocyte donation soon allowed to women without children. Four years after the revision of the bioethics laws, the implementing decree to open gamete donation to people without children will soon be published in Liberation. Oocyte donation offers many women with various infertility conditions a realistic chance of pregnancy.

When we cannot have children, the use of donor egg or sperm is sometimes the only solution. But we know, the oocyte donations in France are insufficient to meet the needs of couples.

To increase the number of donors, the revised bioethics law in 2011 expanded the conditions. It must be over eighteen, healthy, child-bearing age (less than 37 years for women, age 45 for men) and it is no longer necessary to have children already. This last criterion was, however, not applied in the absence of published decree.

According to a document that has obtained “Liberation”, the government is preparing to publish the text so that it would blow the lock. The goal is to reach a total of 900 donors, twice present. And this is a first, kind compensation for donors.

A human egg being fertilized.

“They can keep for their benefit some of their gametes for possible future use and medically assisted procreation (MAP).” But the gift is still free, unlike many European countries or donors are paid. Remember also that the freezing of oocytes convenience for is totally banned in France. It is authorized to women who are engaged in a course of LDCs, to those who will undergo medical treatment that could affect their fertility and finally for egg donors.


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