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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Some Career Women Undergo Egg Freezing Procedure

Now that more and more women have become empowered and independent, they are determined to work their way to reach the corporate ladder by considering some options to keep their goals. One is continuing to build their career yet delaying to raise their own families through this reproductive health innovation, the egg freezing.

Egg freezing has been hailed as an "insurance policy" to revitalize waning fertility and a breakthrough as revolutionary as the birth control pill among modern women.

According to BBC news, there has been intense debate in China over the controversial ban on single women freezing their eggs as well as the limitations among married women, who can only freeze their eggs in specific circumstances -- for instance when they are to undergo chemotherapy.

These 'egg freezing' issues have been brought to light when two distinguished Chinese women from entertainment and mass media, Xu Jinglei and Zou Qinghong respectively, have undergone such procedure in the U.S.

According to USC Fertility, egg freezing can be beneficial for a number of reasons for women wishing to preserve their fertility for the future. Thus, a woman in her prime reproductive years may feel confident about her family building timeline -- choosing to go beyond traditional.

The Wall Street Journal included in its report a statement from Tom Tang, a 30-year-old finance worker from Beijing, who agrees with the ban for single women. “If egg freezing is allowed, a lot of people will have babies without getting married,” Tang expressed his thoughts on legalizing egg freezing in China.

Egg freezing is not for everyone as it involves risks. Be mindful and keep yourself abreast of its latest techniques and applications.


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