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Thursday, October 15, 2015

‘The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers For Week Oct. 12: Are Nicole & Zende Planning A Baby?

Zende and Nicole question the seriousness of their relationship in the next series episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" (BB) for Oct. 12- 16. Nicole will face a confusing decision about her sister's request for a baby as it could mean giving up on her relationship with Zende. Meanwhile, Ridge is not backing down when it comes to sending his son Thomas away from Forrester Creations and away from Caroline.

Rick and Maya want to start a family of their own. Unfortunately, Maya is unable to bear a child. However, she tells Rick that she would love any child they would bring up together even if the baby doesn't have their genes. So they initially plan to adopt. However, Maya comes up with another idea about the baby that involves Nicole. According to Soap Opera Story, Nicole gets caught in her sister's plan to become a surrogate. But agreeing with Maya would mean sacrificing her relationship with Zende.

At first Rick is confused but when Maya explains that they could have a baby who is part Forrester and part Avant, he finally understood that Maya was referring to Nicole. Maya and Nicole get into an emotional conversation, where Nicole is ask to become a surrogate mother. Maya tells her sister that she may be too young to be a mother and that she still has her whole life ahead of her, but being her surrogate would be an "ultimate gift." Nicole is shocked and confused as she has also has to think of her career and her relationship with Zende.

Nicole has her reservations about becoming Maya's surrogate. First is her job at Forrester Creations. She's reportedly still an intern and thinks she can't handle the pregnancy. Likewise, there's her relationship with Zende.

During their first date, Nicole brings up Maya's surrogate request to Zende. He is not pleased at all and questions Nicole about what happens to their relationship if she agrees. According to Soap She Knows, they would disagree about the surrogacy since it would mean Nicole having to let go of Zende. Moreover, it could reportedly also give Thomas his way with Nicole and becoming the baby's father.

But if Ridge sticks to his plan about letting Thomas leave Los Angeles for good then Zende has nothing to worry about. However, Ridge's actions will have Steffy and Brooke speculating on the real reason behind Thomas' exit from Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Nicole's decision about the surrogacy will have Maya seeking professional help.


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