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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Woman unable to carry children asks her mother, 48, to be a surrogate

'It was as if we had a connection': Woman unable to carry children asks her mother, 48, to be a surrogate - then BOTH of them get morning sickness during the pregnancy

  • Julie Jakupek gave birth to her granddaughter, Liara Jewls
  • Julie's daughter, Kylie Jakupek, was unable to fall pregnant on her own
  • Kylie was born with MRKH syndrome which left her without a uterus 
  • She was unable to have her own child using her mum as a surrogate
  • An embryo was made using Kylie's egg and her partner Josh's sperm
  • It took four tries for Julie to fall pregnant
  • When she suffered from morning sickness, Kylie said she felt it too  

When Julie Jakupek started getting morning sickness during pregnancy her daughter, Kylie, shared her pain.

Despite not being pregnant herself, Kylie, 33, experienced the same symptoms as her mother, symptoms that left her 'stunned'.

Julie was pregnant with her fifth child, but unlike her previously pregnancies, the baby she carried was not her own.

The Victorian woman, 52, had agreed to be a surrogate for her daughter Kylie, who was born without a uterus, leaving her unable to bear her own children, she told that's life magazine.

Kylie learned she could not fall pregnant when she was 16 years old.

The teen had yet to have a period, and scans revealed she suffered from a rare condition known as MRKH syndrome.

Despite having ovaries in working order she was born without a uterus, and would be unable to carry a child.

The news left Kylie devastated, but before she had even left the doctor's office her mum offered to be a surrogate.

But Julie was already 34 years old and the doctor said by the time Kylie was ready for a child, she would be too old to carry a baby.

'I tried to come to terms with the fact I'd probably never be a mum,' Kylie said.

More than 10 years later Kylie was in a long-term relationship with her partner Josh, now 32.

When they first met she was honest about her condition and gave him the option to leave.

But love prevailed, and Kylie asked her then 48-year-old mother if she would still be willing to be their surrogate.

'There was never any hesitation in my mind about doing this for Kylie,' Julie said.

A week later they visited a fertility specialist and began the process of making embryos using Kylie's eggs and Josh's sperm.

To ensure she was ready to carry a baby, Julie underwent rounds of fertility treatment before the first embryo was implanted via transfer in May 2013.

The transfer, the two that followed, were unsuccessful.

'While doctors had warned us it might not work, it was still devastating,' Kylie said.

'I knew mum blamed herself and I felt like I was on a constant emotional roller-coaster.'

On her fourth and final try, Julie fell pregnant.

At 20 weeks, Kylie and Josh found out they were having a girl, and when Julie went in to labour, they stood by her side in the delivery room.

When Liara Jewls - named after Julie - was born, Josh cut the umbilical cord and Kylie stayed with her mother as she was moved in to the recovery ward and adjusted to her new role as a mother.

Due to surrogacy laws, Josh and Kylie were not legally Liara's parents until she was four months old.

Julie said she was 'besotted' with Liara and she was happy to bring Kylie and Josh happiness.

'I'd happily be a surrogate for them again,' she said.


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