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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Parents from UK, Child from (Surrogacy) India

Intended parents Mr & Mrs B T, visited India last year to select a surrogate and have child of their own genes. The couple had tried numerous clinics in UK to get pregnant through various IVF procedures. Having failed after putting the best efforts to pursue surrogacy in UK, this couple never lost faith and trust to have a child and established India as their dream destination.
This is the story of many couples in UK who are unable to get around the legal system, financial costs or the waiting period in UK.
How many of these couples are aware of the laws for the child born outside UK, through surrogacy program?
Three stages for understanding Surrogacy in India for parents from UK

Basic requirement of the couple: The couple needs to be a married couple or either of them has to be domicile of UK to apply for parental order in UK. In married case, it is the domicile of the father which will be considered for parental order. In case the couple is not married, it will be considered as single parent Surrogacy.
It is the primary responsibility of the seeking couple to speak to UK embassy and / or legal team before taking this giant step.
Kindly also see the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) code of practice in UK.

Understanding Indian scenario: The couple has to be very patient and should contact the right agency in India who understand and have complete information about surrogacy’s legal system in both the countries, India and UK. They should not get carried away by promises made by clinics about the higher pregnancy chances from their surrogate mothers. In fact most of the clinics across the world have the same rate of positive pregnancy in Surrogacy programs. The couple looking for surrogate mother should also focus at long term goals if the clinic / agency will provide any assistance for visa / passport preparation.

Traveling back to UK: The couple will travel to UK with their baby on visa obtained from UK Embassy in India. For obtaining the passport, it is crucial that the birth certificate declares the names of the intended parents and not the surrogate mother. Parental order process progresses along with. In case the parents are not married or not domiciled in UK, they have no option but to adopt the child.
In all cases it is imperative to inform the Home Office, UK

To read more about the above information, Surrogacy in India and understand the complete process visit SurrogacyIndia, is the first and only such organization in India who understands and make possible, completing families, for these couples from UK. They have an associate in UK to facilitate intended parents activities in UK.

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