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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We invited couples who were part of 100 Babies, but as they couldn't make it, they wrote back to us saying....
Dear Dr Yash, Dr Sudhir, Jaya and all the SI team.
Thank you so much for this invitation. It is amazing that you have made it to 100 babies, and so quickly! I am sure all of the parents of these 100 little miracles are as happy and in love with their children as we are. Our little boys have filled our lives with so much happiness and I will always be thankful for what you and P have done for us. I have attached some photos of the boys - I am sure you will agree that they are very cute :) R now has teeth, is crawling, and starting to make word-sounds (ba, ba, da, da). J is not quite as fast as Rufus but he is sitting up and smiling a lot. With all the dribbling I think his teeth will come soon.
We are not going to be able to make it to Mumbai for the gathering, but we will be there in spirit. We will be thinking of you on this day of celebration for your wonderful achievements.

Dear Dr. Yash & Dr. Sudhir!
It is so amazing that you have reached 100 babies already! We are so happy to hear that and of course to be part of this wonderful big family you are creating worldwide!
We love you as our closest family and friends and we owe you our family!
We won't be able to take part at the 100 babies party, but hopefully we'll be able to come to the 1000 babies party soon J
We can't describe in words our yearnings to you and to the entire team, we think about you each and every day and we hope that we'll be able to meet you all soon J
With tons of love and appreciation,

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