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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SI getting bigger day by day......

We started with one office two and half years back with only 2-3 staffs. That one room used to accommodate our directors, all our staffs, our clients, surrogate mothers who used to come to meet doctors with their care takers. Even the legal agreement used to be getting signed in the same room.  That was the day then and today is the time when we have one front office, two back offices, one tea room & one waiting room for all our surrogate mothers.

We have really come a long way after the effort everyone has put specially our Dr S & Dr Y. At the initial stage, they used to work 24 x 7
(Doctors are expected to work but working throughout the day plus working on Sundays was actually inspiring for every).

We now have 12 staffs and two housekeepers with us. All are given a proper profile so they can give attention to even minute things. We want our patients to get best service and by the end of the program be proud and satisfied parents.

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

We too remember that one room office of SI. We are SO proud to have been apart of your growth and accomplishments and honored to have been one of the first to take the leap of faith in SI.

Love to all,