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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Experience of surrogate when they stay at surrogate house

Surrogate house is the place where surrogates are admitted so that they should get complete bed rest. The other alternative for the surrogate house is the maternity home or maternity clinic. The surrogates are to admitted at two conditions:-

1)   If the embryos are newly transferred in her body.
2)   If she is to be kept under close observation or complete bed rest.

1)   If the embryos are newly transferred in her body:- When the embryo transfer is done in a surrogate’s body, she is advised to take complete bed rest till her Beta HCG is not done. Beta HCG is done to know whether she is positive or negative.  Because, this is the most sensitive and most important phase in the program. She should not give any kind of mental or physical stress to herself. Any kind of stress can affect the embryos injected in the body.

2)   If she is to be kept under close observation or complete bed rest:- A pregnant surrogate can go under different medical conditions or say her health graph can change anytime. So when we see that she is not in her best of her health condition we get her admitted in any nearby maternity home or surrogate house.

As they are admitted they cannot do even any kind of work. Making her admit near to the SI office will help the medical team to keep a close tab on their health. As soon as she recovers or improved she is discharged.
During this period as they are staying away from their family they do miss them. But somewhere they do realize that this is purely for them and their baby’s improvement. Some who stay longer start getting close to other surrogates and they make good friends here. 


MelissaA said...

I now have a beautiful son, thanks to SI, and our surrogate needed bed rest for a couple of days at different points during the pregnancy. We were so thankful SI was monitoring her so closely, took actions to ensure both our surrogate and baby would be ok, and was so proactive. For some getting news that your surrogate needs this extra care could be scary, but we stayed positive and we happy she was getting all of the support we needed. We always felt our baby was in good hands throughout the process

Tandoori Viking said...

what a beautiful comment, Melissa A! Indeed, our beloved SI team is wonderful, taking very best care of our surrogates and babies.