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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

                               Diwali Lunch

On Friday the 21st October,2011 Dr. Yash & Dr. Sudhir took us out for diwali lunch. We all went at Powai at Red Olives for Diwali lunch and enjoyed it a lot. The food was delicious. We ate different types of chicken, fish and paneer (cottage cheese) starters followed by Chicken peanut curry, manglorian prawns curry, mrich ka murga (spicy chicken), and dum biryani. Then for dessert, we ordered brownie with ice-cream, kulfi, kulfi falooda, strawberry ice-cream and cheese cake. We really enjoyed it a lot, we cracked jokes and laughed a lot and had a good time together. We are thankful to Dr. Yash & Dr. Sudhir who give us such an opportunity to enjoy and have fun.

1 comment:

Tandoori Viking said...

Oh, it sounds and looks absolutely fantastic. Mmmm, kulfi... :P
Many hugs an a happy diwali to you all! I miss you!