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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank You Andreas and John

We thank Andreas and John's efforts in helping broadcast their Surrogacy journey on the Swedish Television.  They have a beautiful baby girl Alice through SurrogacyIndia, in June 2011.

They were requested by the Swedish Television seeking help to shoot a surrogacy process. When they were here in India for their daughter’s birth, they shot some videos with the help of Sweden TV team and these films are now being aired on Swedish Television every week. The successful signing of the Swedish clients is the direct result of this show.

We have heard that the program is gaining popularity in Sweden and it is raising awareness on surrogacy. It is with great thanks we write that we have received overwhelming response from Sweden who are wishing to opt for surrogacy.

This show has helped reveal the world SurrogacyIndia's ethical and patient driven processes. Once again, we thank Andreas and John for their immense efforts and helping SurrogacyIndia to become the leading surrogacy agency in Sweden.

Please find below the link wherein you will specially find Interview of Dr.Yashodhara and Dr.Sudhir, which is being aired on Sweden Television almost every week.

Team SI


Tandoori Viking said...

These programs were absolutely fantastic. Many of my colleagues have been following it and came to discuss it with me since they know that we are expecting our baby with you. It is the first time that surrogacy is described somehow neutral or even positive in Swedish media and the whole serie has been such a fresh breeze. I'm so glad!

Tandoori Viking said...

I forgot to say that it was so great to see you all on Swedish TV :) I am so proud to tell my friends and colleagues that the doctors on TV are our doctors!