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Friday, July 6, 2012

Heart Lung Transplant : Surrogacy

Please welcome Miliam, our lovely Swedish baby.
What makes us proud is the trust and confidence this couple bestowed on us.

With their kind permission, allow me to share few details.

At the age of 14, she had to undergo Heart Lung Transplant. Now at 24, she wanted to be a mother. After all possible research around the world, we realised we were going to be the firsts to stimulate a intending mother like her.

Does that scare us? No ways.
So what did we do.

We used every possible trick on this earth to dissuade them, hoping they will drop this plan. But the couple (beautiful lady specially) was insistent that only we (SI) handle their case. I think it took us about 6 months before we embarked on this journey.

While they were in India, we ensured every single medical test was performed, and met every single
specialist, super specialists, like Cardiologist, Cardiac anesthetist, anesthetist, embryologist, sonologist. Stimulated with extreme care, ensured the pick up was done in Major operating room, with cardiac specialists, cardiac anesthetist standby.

The whole procedure went absolutely safe and embryos formed were transferred to the surrogate.
And here you see a gorgeous little baby in their arms.

We call these moments, one of the most special moments of our life. We can never thank the couple enough for the love, trust and confidence shown in us.

It is one of those moments in our life when we realise that how our dear ones believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

Don't need to say: these beautiful couples - keeps us going.

I am also happy and thank this couple for giving us permission to put their photo on our site.


Tandoori Viking said...

What a story!!! Brings tears to my eyes to read about such bravery!

Sanam Karunakar said...