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Friday, August 9, 2013

No surrogacy for foreigners: tough new rules planned

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has proposed that the option of surrogacy should be available only to married, infertile couples of Indian origin. Read more.


Tandoori Viking said...

What horrible news!

Anonymous said...

Sad News indeed.

I understand and agree that India has to take responsibility regarding the way Surrogates are treated. I think Indias government shall focus on the Surrogates part. How is she being treated, what insurance will she have. How will she be protected. I find the discussion about who and what couples should have the ability to take care of a child. We are happy to raise a daughter who is now 10 months old. We are two men living together and we get a lot of praise and comfort in how we raise this wonderful baby. Sweden where we live is a very open and accepting country.

How on earth can the indian government discuss if I am a capable or reliable parent?

Does a straight couple that have been married for so and so many years give you guarantees? It is not the case and everybody knows it.

Focus on dealing with corruption, focus on the surrogates right and wellbeing. Don´t put yourself in the judging chair of whom is a good or bad parent. That is not the governments task to do.