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Monday, March 16, 2015

More infertile Chinese couples seeking surrogacy in US

An illustration of surrogate motherhood. (Illustration/CFP)

With surrogacy banned in China, more and more infertile and same sex couples in China are considering having children through surrogates in the United States, the China Business News reported.

"Linda" was 36 when she first went to America in 2009 to consult a surrogacy agency in California. She finally realized her dream of becoming a mother at 40, and her son is now two years old.

Based on her successful experience, Linda established a consulting firm to provide assistance to couples having the same problem as she did.

Linda told the China Business News that surrogacy consulting service providers in China do not advertise their business in a big way. They usually hold small-sized promotional events to solicit customers.

These companies are responsible for communicating with medical institutions, insurers, surrogacy brokers, sperm banks and egg banks in the United States. If needed, they can also assign people to accompany their customers to America to help them resolve various problems.

"We usually arrange everything for customers. Every customer is usually dealt with for one to two years and is charged between 70,000-90,000 Chinese yuan (US$11,200-$14,400)," she said.

In the US, commercial surrogacy is legal in Oregon and California but is banned in Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Washington.

Medical institutions in the United States usually charge US$30,000-$50,000 for their services, which involves creating an embryo using the sperm and egg of the intended parents before transferring it to the ovary of the surrogate mother.

If the female half of the couple cannot produce eggs, or in the case of same sex couples, an extra 50,000-100,000 yuan (US$8,000-$16,000) is required to buy eggs from an egg bank.

Surrogacy brokers are responsible for selecting surrogate mothers for the intended parents. The brokers are also responsible for managing and communicating with the surrogate mothers after they become pregnant.

Surrogacy brokers and surrogate mothers are each paid about US$30,000 in each case.


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