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Monday, March 16, 2015

Woman Gets Addicted To Giving Birth, Becomes Surrogate Till Her ‘Womb Falls Out’

Tara Sawyer claims that she has gotten addicted to being pregnant. She says that she enjoys giving birth so much that she is now offering her services as a surrogate for free just because she wants a baby in her belly so badly.

She already has been pregnant over 7 times, 4 of which were her own children and the rest were others. She says that she loves pregnancy so much that she is willing to get pregnant as many times as she could until her "womb falls out."

If she is willing to get pregnant so many times, then we guess that she might actually be able to break the Duggar family record of 19 kids.

Tara says that she does not do this for the children. In fact, she says that she does not feel any emotions while giving away the child. Her first surrogate child two years ago was actually her own biological daughter and she said that she had no problems handing her over to her adoptive family.

She says that she is always in a huge rush because she feels her best when she is pregnant. She even claims that being pregnant makes her body much better in shape.

According to Elite Daily, Tara says that "It is an amazing feeling to hand over a child to someone who desperately wants it, and I feel at my best whilst pregnant."

While some might think that this type of addiction is still better than other types of addictions such as drug abuse, food, etc. But we still think that it is creepy that she is even refusing the 15,000 British pounds per pregnancy that she is legally obliged to as a surrogate mom.

But, at the end of the day, as long as there are no strings and no harm done to the baby during the pregnancy, for some people, this might be a great thing. There is no harm in giving back to the community. 

Tara has complete support of her family including her husband Matt. He says that they both have talked about it and Tara being a surrogate mother brings them even closer as a couple.


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