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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet the woman who gave birth to her BROTHER and SISTER after becoming surrogate for her mum

The family arrangement might seem complicated, but mum Ellen insists they're "happy"

A mum who gave birth to her own brother and sister has opened up on her decision to carry her own mother's children.

Ellen Brown offered to become a surrogate parent for mum Jenny after it emerged she and her partner Tony couldn't have children of their own - and she has no regrets over the decision.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, she said: "I just felt it was better to do it and keep it in the family rather than them have a stranger do it for them."

It means her biological children - twins Ruth and Alex - are now her siblings, although they call their adopted mother Jenny 'mum'.

It may sound confusing, but the family are used to their arrangement and insisted everyone is happy with the way things are.

Ruth explained: "This is reality for us, it's what we've grown up with. I think it's wonderful."

While some children could have been confused by such a situation, Ellen's other daughter Maddie revealed she was delighted to have siblings.

She added: "I always wanted more brothers and sisters, and I got both so it's better. I think what my mum did was a good thing."

When Eamonn Holmes noted that some people may comment on the family arrangement and see it as "weird", Ellen simply said they were all "happy", which is all that matters.

"We're happy," she replied. "Normality comes in many different forms."


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