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Friday, April 3, 2015

Steps involved in Shipping Embryos to India

Are you considering shipping your precious embryos from your Country? I am sure that you have lot of queries and apprehensiond about it.

We shall help you at every step with the documentation required for Embryo shipment. Do read our website link for embryo shipment. In the past months we have done a couple of shipments from USA and about 6-8 more shipments are in the pipeline.

As per the ICMR guideline for embryo shipment the formats of different letters required are given be the ICMR.

On our website, we have fine-tuned the format for easy filling in. We have also created a checklist of do’s and don’ts table while filling out the forms. Once the set of documents are ready, we personally courier the set to the ICMR in New Delhi.

We follow up with the ICMR. What we have seen that the ICMR is usually very quick to respond via email with regards to what they have to say about the processing of the NOC or if any changes that they need in the documentation.

The earliest that we have received the NOC is in 3 weeks but depending on the documentation, the corrections and additional documents needed the timeline can change. As we have been doing this regularly, we are aware of the minute details that we need to take care.

Once we have the NOC, you can proceed with contacting the shipment agency. Some more paperwork involving the Import Export license, letters from IVF lab to the shipment company and you shall be able to finally ship your embryos to India.

The process for procuring embryo shipment can be a little time consuming however it has been quite streamlined and easy to follow compared to what it was in the beginning.

Arguably we are the only organization in India, who are regularly shipping embryos. We will help you at every step and ensure the process is as smooth as possible for your precious embryos to be shipped to India for Surrogacy cycle/IVF cycle.

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